Boost SDK

Boost is an open-source protocol that anyone can access and build on to deploy and distribute incentives. The Boost SDK is a set of developer tools and resources designed to make it easy. This section outlines the tools available in the Boost SDK and what you can build.

Boost SDK Plugins

To deploy incentives for a specific project on Boost, the project’s smart contract must be registered to the protocol. Creating a Boost Plugin is how Boost can translate and standardize your project’s transaction data to be used on the protocol.

Learn more about how to build a Boost Plugin.

Boost Client SDK

The Boost Client SDK makes it easy to leverage Boost’s functionality to create a custom frontend application. Boost Inbox is an example of a Boost Client that will soon be open-sourced.

Learn more about Boost Client applications.

Boost API

Embedding boosts into your native application is an easy way to boost the user experience and reward your users where they are. With just a few lines of code, you can retrieve boost details and embed it into your platform for users to easily discover and access incentive offers. This also enables you to earn a share of the revenue as a Boost Affiliate.

Learn more about the Boost Public API and how to implement it.

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