Boost Clients

Boost Client apps are where deployed boosts live. They are frontend applications for Boost Recipients to discover and receive incentive offers. Anyone can build their own platform with the Boost SDK, the open-sourced developer kit for Boost Protocol.

Boost Inbox is currently the main Boost Client interface where all public and targeted boosts can be discovered by recipients. It is an open-sourced platform designed to be easily forked by anyone to build their own custom Boost Client.

Some uses cases for building a custom Boost Client include:

  • A custom-branded platform that filters for boosts specific to your project network

  • A marketplace for artists or creators to reward fans for minting or engaging with their work

  • A gamified platform to to drive education or onboarding

The open-source docs for building with Boost SDK and forking Boost Inbox will be released to the public soon.

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