Boost Manager

The Boost Manager app is the main interface foranyone to deploy, manage and track boosts. Within minutes, you can boost a variety of onchain activity, such as token swapping, deposits into liquidity pools, staking, delegating governance tokens, minting NFTs, or bridging assets across chains.

Key features of the Boost Manager app include:

  • Permissionless access: Any wallet address can fund and deploy a boost to incentivize any onchain action, no permission required.

  • Targeted allowlists and denylists: To incentivize the right crypto users, Boost Manager comes with a variety of preset audience lists that you can select from. You can also upload your own list of wallet addresses to create custom audience lists.

  • Precise action parameters: To ensure that you are boosting the right onchain activities, Boost Manager allows you to specify the exact transaction details that Boost Recipients must follow to receive the incentive. These detailed action parameters can specify the minimum spend requirement or specific token or network to be used.

  • Real-time performance monitoring: Track the performance of any boost in real-time with a native analytics dashboard in Boost Manager. Discover deeper insights about who is engaging with your boost, how much rewards have been distributed, and more.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to deploy a boost:

pageHow to Deploy a Boost

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