How It Works

Boost is a permissionless protocol that anyone can access and build on to deploy incentive offers.

There are several different ways to interact with the protocol depending on your role in the ecosystem. To understand how it works, it’s important to get familiar with the core components that make up the Boost stack:

  • Boost Protocol: The EVM-compatible protocol that enables any wallet address to deploy any ERC20 token reward targeted at any wallet address for completing an onchain action.

  • Boost Manager: The main interface for Boost Issuers to easily interact with the protocol and deploy boosts.

  • Boost Clients: An ecosystem of front end applications where Boost Recipients can discover, receive and complete boosts.

  • Boost SDK: The developer-friendly resources for anyone to register a contract to Boost Protocol, build their own Boost Client, or embed Boosts directly in their own app.

Boost Studios is currently the main contributor to the protocol by building Boost Client apps and providing Boost Manager services to other protocols. However, all these components are accessible to anyone.

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