Protocol Fees

To ensure the sustainability and continued development of Boost Protocol, there two types of fees to participate:

  • Protocol fee: Boost Issuers are required to deposit an additional 20% of the total token amount of the boost being deployed. Half of that amount, which is 10%, is returned back to the Boost Issuer whenever a user completes and claims their token reward. The remaining 10% is equally split between the Boost Treasury and the Boost Affiliate that referred the boost.

  • Claim fee: Boost Recipients are required to contribute a standard 0.000075 ETH to claim their boost reward. This fee is split between all the contributors, including the Boost Issuer, Boost Affiliate and Boost Guild.

While the protocol takes fees and generates revenue, all the funds are reinvested back into the protocol through the Boost Treasury. It is governed by the Boost Guild, a coalition of community stakeholders that make proposals and votes on how treasury funds should be used to drive further growth and adoption

Learn more about how the fees are fairly distributed between all network participants through the Protocol Reward system in the next section.

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