Attribution System

Boost's built-in attribution tracking and transaction-based indexer streamlines the allocation and analysis of incentives by identifying the origin of each Boost Recipient.

Here’s a breakdown of how attribution tracking works on Boost:

  1. Boost Issuer creates and funds a smart contract with rewards.

  2. Boost Recipients find the incentive offer on a Boost Client app and execute the onchain action on the native protocol platform.

  3. The Boost transaction-based indexer finds the transaction hash and verifies the onchain action, enabling the smart contract to release the token rewards.

  4. A portion of rewards and fees are distributed among participants and the transaction event log is stored publicly onchain where anyone can verify, audit and analyze. View Boost Protocol’s official Dune Dashboard as an example of the type of data that can be measured and analyzed.

By having attribution capabilities embedded into the protocol, it makes it easy to:

  • Incentivize anyone to refer boosts and get paid

  • Track and measure the impact of your incentive offers

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