What is Boost

A boost is an incentive offer to perform an onchain action. Any wallet address can deploy a boost and target other wallets with a token incentive. There are 3 key elements that make up a boost:

  1. Incentive: The onchain reward used to incentivize a user. Boost currently only supports deploying ERC20 rewards, but will soon be adding support for ERC1155 and onchain points.

  2. Configurable Parameters: The precise action parameter and target audience to incentivize.

  3. Smart Contract: Where reward funds are deposited and held in an escrow. Upon completion of the incentive conditions, the smart contract automatically releases and distributes the appropriate amount of funds to all participants.

Boost Design Principles

Boost was built with the core philosophies and principles of decentralization in mind:

  • Progressive decentralization: The end goal is for Boost to become a fully self-sustained network that is owned and governed by the community. This is an iterative process that will develop over time to ensure its sustainability.

  • Incentive-aligned: All network participants are rewarded fairly and transparently for their contributions to ensure continued participation and aligned growth.

  • Credibly-neutral: Boost is neutral network by default. Anyone can use Boost to issue any onchain token and incentivize any crypto user, however way they want. There is no permission required to use Boost and no censorship.

  • Transparent: All boost transactions can be verified onchain, making it easy for anyone to publicly verify, audit and analyze results.

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