Anyone can refer users to boost and earn rewards as an affiliate. For each successful boost transaction referred, you earn 5% of the protocol fee, plus a standard 0.000025 ETH from the claim fee. Learn more about how Protocol Rewards are distributed.

How to refer users on Boost Inbox

  1. Find your custom Boost affiliate link. Connect your wallet to Boost Inbox and head to the ‘Refer’ tab.

  2. Share your link with your audience. Either share the link directly with your audience, integrate it into your existing platform or spin up a custom frontend client like Boost Inbox.

  3. Earn on every boost completion. When a user successfully completes a boost via your affiliate link or platform, you immediately receive 5% of the protocol fee deposited by the issuer. Additionally, you earn a standard claim fee of 0.000075 ETH when the user claims their reward.

  4. Claim your affiliate reward. To keep track and claim your affiliate earnings, head to the Referral page in Boost Inbox. You can view how much you’re earning on active boosts and claim your rewards after completion.

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